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Code use for Windows, Android versions
  • (W) - Applies to Windows version
  • (A) - Applies to all Android versions
  • (AG) - Applies to Android graphing version. All (A) functions are included in (AG)
  • (AP) - Applies to Android programing Calculator version. All (AG) and (A) functions are included in (AP)
  • If no symbol is indicated, then instructions apply to both Windows and Android products
  • '*' - can be operated in complex numbers

Functions Constants
Symbol Description Symbol Description
abs()*Absolute value
acos(), acs()*Cosine Inverse
acosh(), acsh()*Cosine Hyperbolic Inverse
acot(), act()*Cotangent Invers
acoth(), acth()*Cotangent Hyperbolic Inverse
acsc(), acc()*Cosecant Inverse
acsch(), ach()*Cosecant Hyperbolic Inverse
asec(), asc()*Secant Inverse
asech(), ash()*Secant Hyperbolic Inverse
asin(), asn()*Sine Inverse
asinh(), asnh()*Sine Hyperbolic Inverse
atan(), ath()*Tangent Inverse
atanh(), atnh()*Tangent Hyperbolic Inverse
beta( , ), Bet( , )*Beta
betaI( , , ), BI( , , )*Beta Incomplete
betaIR( , , ), BIR( , , )*Beta Incomplete Regularized
cbpw(), z3 * (A) Cubic power
cbrt(), 3√z *Cubic Root
ceil()Smallest Integer Rounded Up
com( n, k )Combination
cosf(), Cf()*Cosine Fresnel Integral
cosh(), csh()*Cosine Hyperbolic
cosI(), Ci()*Cosine Integral
csch(), cch()*Cosecant Hyperbolic
cot()* Cotangent
coth(), cth()*Cotangent Hyperbolic
dI()*Dawson Integral
dToR(), dTr()Converts Degrees to Radians
erf()*Error Function
erfg( , ), efn( , )*Generalized Error Function
exp()*Exponential Function
expI(), Ei()*Exponent Integral
expIG( , ), En( , )*Generalized Exponent Integral
floor(), flo()Highest Integer Rounded Down
gam(), Γam()*Gamma
gamI( , ), ΓI*Gamma Regularized
gamIC( , ),ΓIC *Gamma Regularized Complement
gamIL( , ), γIL*Gamma Incomplete Lower
gamIU( , ), ΓIU*Gamma Incomplete Upper
gE()Gravitational Acceleration on Earth
getExp()(W) Logarithm Base 2 Rounded Down To Integer
ln()*Natural Logarthm Base e
lnI(), Li()*Logarithmic Integral
log()*Logarthm Base 10
nrt( , )*nth root - n√x
perm( , ), per( , )Permutation
pol( ,,, )*Polynomial - a0 + a1 * x + a2 + x2 +......
pow( , ), z^w*Power zw
rndRandom number generator from 0 to 1
rToD(), rTd()Converts Radians to Degrees
Sec()* Secant
Sech(), sch()*Secant Hyperbolic
signum()(W) -1,0,+1
sinF(), Sf()*Sine Fresnel Integral
sinh(), snh()*Sine Hyperbolic
sinI(), Si()*Sine Integral
z2 *(A) Square power
sqrt(), √z *Square Root
tanh(), tnh()*Tangent Hyperbolic
toPolar(), toP()*Converts Complex Number to Polar Coordinates
wd( , , )* Weibull distribution
ew( , , )*moment of logarithm of Weibull distribution
cpd( , , )*Cotinuous probability distribution
(W) Statistic Functions
Symbol Description
per( , )Probability that an event happened
avDSample Average Deviation
errSample Standard Error
errTSample True Standard Error
maxSample Largest Number
meanSample Arithmetic Mean
meanGSample Geometric Mean
meanHSample Harmonic Mean
medSample Median
minSample Smallest Number
modSample Mode
proSample Product
ranSample Range
saDSample Deviation
stDSample Standard Deviation
sumSample Sum
svarSample Variance
varSample Standard Variance
(AP)(W) Matrices
Symbol Description
col[,]*Extracts the nth column
row[,]*Extracts the nth row
rTc[]*Converts a row matrix to a column
cTr[]*Converts a column matrix to a row
apR[,]*Appends a row to a matrix
apC[,]*Appends a column to a matrix
det[]*Matrix Determinant
eva[]*Matrix Eigenvalues
eve[]*Matrix Eigenvectors
hcj[]*Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
inv[]*Matrix Inverse
low[]*Lower Matrix
sle[]*Solves n-Linear Equations
tra[]*Transpose Matrix
trp[]*Matrix Traces
upp[]*Upper matrix
(AP)(W) Vectors
Symbol Description
detV[]Vector magnitude
dotP[] Vector dot product
xP[]Vector cross product
pppTP[]Defines a plane through three points
ppTL[]Defines a line through two points
pLTP[]Defines a plane through a line & a point
LPI[]Defines a point for the intersection of a line and a plane
PPI[]Defines a line for the intersection of two planes
LLD[]Defines the shortest distance between two lines
pLD[]Defines the shortest distance between a point and a line
pPD[]Defines the shortest distance between a point and a plane
Mathematical Constants
eEuler's constant
γEuler-Masheroni Constant
Fundamental Physical Constants
*** UNIVRSAL ***
cSpeed of light
μ0Permeability (electromagnetism)
Z0 Characteristic Impedance of vacuum
GGravitational Constant
hPlanck's Constant
hrReduced Planck's Constant
mpPlanck's Mass
TpPlanck's Temperature
LpPlanck's Length
tpPlanck's Time
ec Electron Electric Charge
Φ0Superconductor Magnetic Flux
GoConductance quantum
KjJosephson constant
Rkvan Klitzing constant
μBBohr Magneton
μMNuclear Magneton
NAAvogadro's Number
muAtomic Mass Unit
FFaraday constant
Rmolar gas constant
kBBoltzmann Constant
Vmmolar volume of ideal gas at T=273.15[K] p=100[kPa]
n0Loschmidt constant
σ Stefan-Boltzmann constant
c1first radiation constant
c2second radiation constant
bWien displacement law constants
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - General ***
α fine-structure constant
R Rydberg constant
ao Bohr radius
EhHartree energy
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Electron e ***
me electron rest mass
mle Electron molar mass is NA*me
λe Compton wavelength electron
re Classical electron radius
σe Thomson electron cross section
μeelecron magnetic moment
αe electron magnetic moment anomaly
gfe electron g-factor
γe electron gyromagnetic ratio
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Muon μ ***
mμ muon mass
mlμmuon molarMass NA*mμ
λμCompton wavelength muon
μμmuon magnetic moment
αμmuon magnetic moment anomaly
gfμmuon g-factor
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Tau τ ***
mτtau mass
mlτtau molar mass NA*mτ
λτtau Compton wavelength
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Proton, p ***
mpProton Rest Mass
mlpproton molar mass NA*mp
λp proton Compton wavelength
rp proton rms charge radius
μp proton magnetic moment
gfp proton g-factor
μ'p shielded proton magnetic moment
σ'p proton magnetic shielding correction
γp proton gyromagnetic ratio
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Neutron, n ***
mnNeutron Rest Mass
mln neutron molar mass NA*mn
λ lcnneutron Compton wavelength
μ nneutron magnetic moment
gfnneutron g-factor
σnneutron gyromagnetic ratio
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Deuteron, d ***
mddeuteron mass
mlddeuteron molar mass NA*md
rddeuteron rms charge radius
μddeuteron magnetic moment
gfddeuteron g-factor
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Triton, τ ***
mτtriton mass
mlτtriton molar mass NA*mτ
μτtriton magnetic moment
gfτtriton g-factor
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Helion, h ***
mhhelion mass
mlhhelion molar mass NA*mh
μhhelion magnetic moment
gfh helion g-factor
μhshielded helion magnetic moment
σh helion gyromagnetic ratio
*** ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR - Alpha particle, α ***
mαalpha mass
mlαalpha particle molar mass NA*mα




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