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open   System Overview
open open Definitions
open open Algebra
open open (W) Statistics
open open (W)(AP) Matrices
open open Calculus
open open Unit Conveerter
open   Input data
open open Input Field, Memories & Expressions
open open Data Entry to Memory
open open (W)(AG) Import File
open open (W)(AP) Matrix Setup
open open (W)(AG) Export Data
open   Basic Operations
open open Function Expressions
open open (W)(AP) Matrix Expressions
open open Binary Expressions
open open Working with Memories
open open Variables use - Graphs
open open SigFigs
open   Response to Customer Comments

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Getting Started with "Math in ONE"

Code use for Windows, Android versions
  • (W) - Applies to Windows version.
  • (A) - Applies to Android versions.
  • (AG) - Applies to Android graphing version.All (A) functions are included in (AG)
  • (AP) - Applies to Android programing Calculator version. All (AG) functions are included in (AP).
  • If no symbol is indicated, then instructions apply to both Windows and Android products.

There are two main resources to help you learn about "Math in ONE" which are found in the "Reference Manual" and the convenient descriptions built into the program. Two examples are presented below.
Description When using "Math in ONE", these descriptions appear with the right click of your mouse on an object (e.g. checkbox, button,...), then left click on the pop up Description button. Refer to the example on the left.
For all the pull down menus (e.g."Functions"), simply place your mouse over an item to review its description. Refer to the example on the right. Description

Multiplication Description

(AP) Help Options: For an explanation of the features underlying each button, press and hold the button of interest for one second, a new window with a description of the button function will appears.


(AP) Sliding finger in arrow direction will display new functions assign to the buttons.
Slide New functions

Help Index Configuration window (A) To get to 'Help Index or Setting' window, from main view press 'option menu (om or Op Men)' button then select 'help' or 'Setting'.
button om

OM selection

Thank you for your interest in "Math in ONE"! Please refer to this reference manual for further guidelines. We appreciate all of your feedback regarding this site and the "Math in ONE" program. We will make all the effort to satisfy you.
We hope you enjoy working with this product!

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